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EZ Insurance Services offers auto insurance in Houston, TX. Car insurance keeps you safe and confident on the road. There is no shortage of potential hazards, and it is best to be prepared for all of them. When it comes to auto insurance coverage, people want both reliability and affordability. We offer the best of both worlds. Ask our friendly agents for free insurance quotes today! Our top priority is matching you with a dependable policy, without hurting your monthly budget. Motorcycle insurance is available, as well.

Basic auto insurance is required to cover injury claims. In a nutshell, this means you are not financially responsible for medical expenses in the event of an accident. Collisions can involve any number of people, including drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Without reliable auto insurance, you could be left to pay the bills. We want to make sure you are covered in any and all situations. While some people prefer to opt for the minimum coverage, it is advisable to extend coverage to vehicular damages, as well.

The next level of coverage is collision coverage, or property liability. This means, in the event of an accident, the costs to repair your car and the other party’s car will be covered. We pride ourselves on our quick and dependable claims services. Our representatives will match you with a reputable auto body shop and get you back on the road in no time. You may also be outfitted with a rental, as well. We understand how important your car is to your daily life, and we work hard to get things running normally again.

There are higher levels of coverage, including comprehensive coverage, which accounts for damages outside of a collision, such as theft and inclement weather. We also work with title transfers, under-insured, uninsured coverage, and road side assistance. Ask which auto policy is right for you today!

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